Storm So-Run Hypno Grub 3″, 7-Pack


With its unique bulbous tail, the So-Run Hypno Grub kicks into a hypnotic motion as soon as it hits the water – there simply is no tail more tantalising than this. The ribbed & textured body produce additional vibration while its back & belly slit ensure maximum hook exposure when a fish strikes.

  • Improved Grub shape

  • Bulb tail enhances curl tail action at super slow speeds

  • Ribbed tail imparts additional vibration

  • Rolling action combines with curl tail action

  • Back & belly slit ensures body folds away when a fish strikes to maximise hook set

  • Ideal for slow to med speed retrieves

  • Running depth: variable

  • Body length: 7,5 cm

  • Weight: 3,5 g

  • Package: 7 pcs


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