Salmo Hornet 4S Plug ?Legend? 3-pack


The legendary Salmo Hornet now available in new “jig colorways”! These designs have an excellent contrast, which is characteristic to jigs.

The four-centimeter version of the Hornet is a perennial top favorite for thousands of fishermen to catch salmonids and perch – this plug really hauls in fish! No wonder that the Hornet is one of the most sold small plugs each year. Highly recommended!

Recommended by the Finnish outdoor magazine Erä in 1999 and 2002. A small plug with a very powerful action for perch, trout, grayling, and whitefish. Swims at a depth of approx. 1.5 meters when cast and 2.0 meters when used in trolling. Recommended fishing line: 0.14–0.20 mm. The plug retains its action even when used with a leader wire.


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