Fladen Box with Lures Large


The very extensive Fladen XL lure set is perfect for new anglers, for example.

Includes effective lures for various fishing styles, without requiring extraordinary gear to use the lures. The Fladen set can be used for perch, zander, and pike!

Included in the set:
• 2-level lure box, 38x21x17cm
• Set of jigs and compatible jig heads
• Fladen Utö Vass spoon. 18g, color Firetiger
• Fladen Nordingen spoon, 18g, color Firetiger
• Fladen Warbird Minnow plug, 13cm 18g, color lime green with dots
• Fladen Eco Fat Plugbait plug, 13cm 37g, color yellow/red/mackarel
• Fladen spinner set
• Fladen Sonic Spinner, color silver and red
• Fladen guide booklet
• Fladen Wire swivels with snaps 15cm, 2 swivels


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