Late 2015, two California based marketers with a designers’ eye, found each other and decided to set up their own line of trendy home, garden, and household products. Their enthusiasm for working in an environmentally respectful way brought on the name, and Zstores was born.

After gathering many product-creators to their platform, the first Zstore grew into the perfect store to drop by for that one unique present. Their products seemed to do best on the U.S. market, so they decided to fully focus on the North American region. Because Zstores had bigger plans.

In the years that followed Zstores expanded into a network, each shopping experience tailored to perfectly serve its customer.

After joining hands with several merchants active in the kitchen and jewelry, Zstores added stores like the Kitchen Platform and Timevizion to their repertoire.

Nowadays Zstores has partnerships across the globe to facilitate its customers in wants and needs, ranging from hobby to sports and from camping to gifts.

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Zstores is a BCL Media company.

You can find us at:
2815 Camino del rio South
San Diego, CA 92108